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Food as Medicine


The effect of diet and nutrition on cancer prevention and recurrence (the return of cancer after treatment) is one of the most studied topics in medicine. Cancer treatment often affects a person's eating habits and nutritional needs. Although it is important for people with cancer to maintain a healthy body weight and eat nutritious foods, the side effects of surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy may cause a person to eat less and lose weight. On the other hand, some treatments may cause weight gain for some patients.


Oncology Dietitians have specific education in the study of nutrition and cancer. Their goal is to optimize wellness and minimize side effects during and after treatment. Nutritional counseling offers the unique opportunity to learn about the latest research in nutrition and how to apply this information. Ask your doctor if you could benefit from nutrition counseling.


The Cancer Center of Santa Barbara's Oncology Dietitians, Sarah Washburn, MS, RD, CSO and Kristin Price, RD conduct monthly oncology nutrition workshops and seminars, in addition to scheduled nutrition counseling, as a way to educate cancer patients about ways to use the power of food and nutrition during and after their treatments.



Join our Oncology Nutritionists in preparing healthy seasonal foods and discussing the most recent research related to cancer, foods and your lifestyle.

Each monthly class in the series covers different topics and research, and all cooking supplies and ingredients are provided.







Topics vary each month.


(805) 898-2204

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